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Who did it??  Which individual thought that buying life insurance was so much fun already that we needed to add a physical exam to it?  May their names go down harshly in history.  Welcome to the modern version of no exam life insurance which values your time and budget.   

With no exam life insurance, you can quickly secure protection for your loved ones online and in most cases, instantly if you qualify.  That's right...we're talking about minutes to a decision instead of months. 

Here's the process...

Run your instant no exam life insurance quote above for free.

Choose your desired level of life insurance coverage

Answer some questions...all told...about 5-10 minutes

Get your decision instantly.  That's right...you will not need to check back next year.  Instantly is the magic word with no exam life insurance.


Call us toll free (877) 449-6387  or   Email Us

Finally, you can complete the entire process online in most cases which means
you will not need to deal with an insurance salesperson

No Exam Life Insurance works best in these situations:

You want $350K or under in term life insurance

You want to complete the process in minutes online

You want to have a decision back in minutes

You skip the whole life insurance exam process

You can apply for life insurance with no exam or medical tests.  Standard life insurance plans require a full medical exam with a blood panel that can be a real inconvenience for your busy schedule.  Medical insurance has long since moved past medical exams to qualify for coverage and it's about time that life insurance follows suit.   It just did!  Get your quote above. 

The standard life insurance underwriting process can be slowed down by weeks if not longer due to the medical exam and general process of underwriting.  It's not unusual to see months go by before we have a decision and that decision isn't always a great one.  You can now complete a no exam life insurance application in minutes and typically get a decision back in days. 

There is absolutely no cost to quote or apply for no exam life insurance through our site.  The quote is free.  The application process is free.  You also have a free look window to cancel the policy never effective after you receive your offer.  It's a great way to see what you qualify for and if you like the offer, you're now insured for life insurance!  We're not sure there's an easier life insurance process on the planet. 

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